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Master Philip Selmon

2nd Degree Red Sash

Master Selmon began studying the ancient arts of self-defense in 1975, as a first generation student under the tutelage of the internationally renowned Grand Master Arthur E. Sikes

Selmon's training has included an eclectic mix of various Afro Asiatic/Indonesian Martial Arts, Southern styles of Gung Fu, Pencak Silat, the highest level of Tibetan Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Pa Qwa, Hsing I, Wing Chun, Herbal Medicine, and the deadly art of Kun Tao, the particular form of combat which is reserved for royalty, and only revealed within the family from Father to Eldest son or next immediate male descendant. Master Selmon has furthered his knowledge of Tai Chi (yang style) with the 32 Movement Form and Tai Chi Sword taught by Master Li You, and Master Xu Guanglie's long fist, Northern style.

Master Selmon is a Master Teacher and holds the rank of 2nd Degree Red Sash (Master) He has taught adult classes in Gung Fu for health and self-defense for the Buckeye Arizona Girl's Vollyball team (over 40 girls), NASDA, the North Las Vegas Youth Center, Las Vegas, NV, and Las Vegas Boys & Girls Clubs; lectured and/or provided demonstrations and seminars on rape prevention and self-defense for women at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, for the elderly within Arizona State University's Gerontology Program (under the direction of Dr. Donna Reddman). Currently, he serves as an Adjunct Professor for the Maricopa Community Colleges District, where he has taught "Overview of Alternative Medicine" courses, "Comparative Healing Techniques", "Meditation & Wellness, as well as the Gung Fu, Tai Chi, and Self Defense courses for, Mesa Community College, Glendale Community College, and South Mountain Community College, Rio Salado College, and the Maricopa Community College District's Office of Employee & Organizational Learning for the past 10 years. In addition to classes for credit, Master Selmon is also teaching "Positive Thought" and Tai Chi for Glendale Community College's Silver Sneakers, an exercise program geared to seniors.

Master Selmon is the author of the following publications, currently being used by the Marciopa Colleges:

Factor Affecting Health - Essential for Wellness, Scholargy Custom Publication, (2002)
The Doctor Within: Natural Life Centering Through Holistic Health, Healing, and Self Preservation Studies, Scholargy Custom Publication, (2001)

The Science of Breath and Movement, Vols. I through IV, video supplement, cRc Productions (2001, 2003 & 2005)

Co-author, LaMar, and Selmon (1997) A Basic Introduction to The Science of Tai Chi Ch'uan Gung Fu vols. I & II -A College Course Supplement, Custom Academic Publishing Co., © 1997, and Scholargy (2001)

Master Selmon is a highly sought after teacher, his students come from all walks of life, including but not limited to: high ranking martial artist, law enforcement, correctional & judicial officers, professional athletes, doctors, business executives, college professors and college students, his thirty-five plus years of studying and teaching Gung Fu has earned him the right to be recognized for the high level science that he represents.

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