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     Senior Master Michael Selmon

Master Mike began his martial arts career in 1969 studying judo,receiving a brown belt and having a open competition record of 65 victories and no defeats.

Master Mike is on a personal mission to get the lifesaving benefits contained in the study of martial arts into the hands and hearts of the people who NEED THIS KNOWLEDGE,... but wouldn't normally try it. To this end, he has become one of the most innovative teachers in the field, utilizing music, costumes, dance, visual arts and the spoken word to dispel common Martial Arts stereotypes that hinder the general public. Hundreds of people are today enjoying the benefits that Martial Arts training offers due to Master Mikes unique approach and and teaching methods.

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     Jack Mathews - 1st Degree Orange Sash

Mathews is a student and instructor of the martial sciences, and mind/body natural health and healing arts; Trained in eastern philosophy, herbal medicine, the metaphysical sciences, macro biotic eating, various therapeutic massages, and African-Asiatic martial arts and sciences under the tutelage of Master Philip Selmon (since 1992).

Mathews holds the rank of Orange Sash in the art of Gung Fu under Master Philip Selmon and Grand Master Arthur E. Sikes of the North American Self Defense Association Inc. (NASDA), after having studied an eclectic mix of various Indonesian and Southern styles of Gung Fu, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, and the Kun Tao.

     Cranston Forté - 1st Degree Orange Sash

Cranston Forté is a state certified martial arts instructor certified by the State Board of Director for Community College of Arizona to teach the martial sciences; his private studies with Master Selmon, and Grand Master Arthur Sikes include an eclectic mix of various Afro/Indonesian Martial Arts, and Sciences, Southern styles of Gung Fu, the highest level of Tibetan Tai Chi, Herbal/natural medicines, Wing Chun Gung Fu, Gung Fu/Silat, and Kuntao.

Forté's years as a professional video technician are represented in the very essence of his all his works, and include his devotion to the science of the Gung Fu. Mr. Forté currently works full time for the Paradise Community College Video/Media & Visual Aids Department as a Senior Video Technician and teaches Tai Chi Gung Fu for MCC.

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